Wholly Purified

Who can know the motivations and secret desires of another soul?
Who can know the motivations and secret desires of your own soul?
Pure Water
We often speak about motivations being more important than actions, that the right action done for the wrong reason is still wrong.  Yet who can have pure motives…ever?
Never Pure
Even when my motive for doing something is right, it is not pure.  There is always something else, some bit of pride or dash of selfishness, mixed in along with the right.
Take this dream of mine to write, to be published.  I want to give people hope, to help people know this God of ours who is always good and who always loves.  And it would be amazing to get to tell people that I am published, that I have a book written, a book that actual people actually paid to read!  And that second part is straight out of my own desire to be known and loved by others above God.  How in the world, how in this earthly world, can I ever get it right if much of the time I don’t even fully know my own motives, much less be able to control them?
It would be enough to sink us into despair, this inability even to know our own sin, this inability to know and purify the deep places of ourselves.
King David speaks in Psalm 139 of God being the God of the heavens as well as of Sheol, the God of the heights of the morning as well as of the depths of the sea.  David says that our own innermost being is made up of parts that are even further away than those…and yet God knows them most intimately.  He pleads with God to search him and know him.  To know those parts of himself that even David cannot see, and to purify him.
David trusts fully in God’s Spirit.  He trusts that God is able to purify us not only on the levels of which we are conscious, but on our deepest levels of which we are not even aware as well.
In I Thessalonians, Paul proclaims the ability of God to sanctify us completely, to keep our whole spirit, soul, and body blameless.  Jude praises God for being able to keep us from stumbling, for being able to present us blameless in His presence.
If this only means that we will be presented blameless for the sin we are aware of, we are to be most pitied.  Praise God that He is able to purify us from the depths to the heights of our whole selves!
The same Spirit that fed the life of Jesus Christ will feed the life of our spirit.  It is only when we are protected by God with the miraculous sacredness of the Holy Spirit that our spirit, soul, and body can be preserved in pure uprightness until the coming of Jesus – no longer condemned in God’s sight.  ~ Oswald Chambers
Praise be to God for His mercy and grace.  Thanks be to Him for not only rescuing us but for molding us into the shape of His Son as well.