Good Books

These are some of my favorite books.
Books I return to over and over. Books I write about quite often in my blog. Books I consider old friends.
Some are fiction, some are nonfiction, some have changed my life and my view of God, all are beloved.
I hope some may become the same for you.
Practicing the Presence of God
I return again and again to this account of Brother Lawrence’s ways of speaking with God to help me understand how to abide in Him constantly. I use the wisdom contained in this book quite often in my writing, including when I write about allowing God to be the one to change me and how we can truly know Jesus.


Resounding Truth
This book has opened my eyes to the way God created music to reveal truths about Himself and our created world. I have written about how music helps to explain various aspects of God as well as how music helps to explain our purpose here on earth.


Surprised by Hope
N. T. Wright is one of my favorite modern day theologians, and this book is one of my favorites. It shaped my thinking about what happens at the end of all things and what, therefore, is our mission as a Church. Some of these ideas were used in my writings about God’s plan to restore the earth through us.


Walk on Water
The first thing God tells us about Himself is that He is creator, an artist. Part of being created in His image means that we are all creators and artists in some way. This book, written by the author of A Wrinkle in Time (also a fabulous book), explores the relation between faith and art and what it means to be a Christian artist. The ideas contained in this book have shaped me as an artist and a writer. I have used them in writing about having peace in the middle of suffering and about the times I don’t understand why God does what He does.


Chronicles of Narnia
I love fiction and I read a lot of it, yet this is my all-time favorite series. I read it for the first time as a child, and every time I read it through again as an adult I gain a new understanding of who God is, a new insight into His plan for us and our world. I used one of the stories when I wrote about obeying God no matter what.


At Home in Mitford series
Another fiction series from which I have gleaned much wisdom and understanding of God and His relationship with us. A beautiful and well written story about a place and people that will seem familiar to you. A bit like coming home.


Inspector Gamache series
This is a newer series, one I’ve fallen in love with. Each book has a draw-you-in plot, but the entire series is a good story. What sets these books apart is that the characters have a wonderful depth to them and the writing is just beautiful.
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