The mother of a newborn child with
Shadowed and heavy eyes
Struggles to do the next thing.
 IMG_6081 - Copy
IMG_6194 - Copy


The soldier on his third tour with
Gear and pack and weapons
Gets up from his foxhole one more time.


The husband of a cancer-ridden wife with
Small child needing his love
Sits and weeps for lack of strength.
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Mike and Ethan on slide


The Christ carrying the cross with
Sins of the world on His back
Stops and looks into their eyes.


They are tired.

 hand holding bird

He carries them all.


art credits: French Troops Cross a Frozen River by Charles Rochussen; Mortar Men photo by Ustinov; cross photo by Asta Rastauskiene; Three Crosses sketch by Rembrandt; bird photo by SP Veres