Turning My Temper into Beauty

I am feeling discouraged today.
It is easy for me to heap guilt and shame onto my own head.
I have tried and tried and tried yet again to keep my temper. Sometimes I succeed for the first ten transgressions, at other times it only takes one, yet at some point I always fail.
I yell, I spit ugly words through clenched teeth, I point an unyielding finger as I hiss.
Yelled at by Mommy
Why is this so difficult? I would gladly lay down my life for these babes of mine, yet I seem unable to lay down my pride and my temper for even one day.
Is this familiar to any of you? Do any of you struggle with the same things over and over again?  Join me over at Embracing Grace so that we can each share what God is teaching us.
(Go to http://embracinggrace.net/2013/07/turning-my-temper-into-beauty/ if the links above are not working)

2 thoughts on “Turning My Temper into Beauty

  1. This is why I love you!! You are so honest about your struggles, and we ALL struggle and fall short, yet you are so good to use your struggles to point others to the Lord! I agree, if we didn’t have these weaknesses we would be so proud and think we didn’t need the Lord. About anger, I agree with one of the bloggers you linked to, I think we moms absolutely run ourselves in the ground to the point of exhaustion. We don’t eat, rest or take care of ourselves like we should then we fall apart like a cranky, hungry toddler! But when that happens (yes, I am also guilty of losing my temper with my kids more than I’d like to admit) you are exactly right! We can apologize and teach our children about our loving, forgiving, Heavenly Father! I hit my knees in prayer about this just a day or 2 ago! My daughter was complaining grumbling all morning and I finally snapped and lectured her harshly on how much we’ve done for her lately…given her her own bedroom, summer vacations, etc. and as I’m ranting I started thinking (this happens a lot) about my own grumbling and unthankfulness despite all God’s rich blessings and provision….ouch! I repented and softened towards her and told her (again)how God helps Mommy and she can ask Him to help her too! God is teaching me at the same time I’m teaching my kids!! Thanks again Elizabeth!! I will be thinking on this one for the rest of the day!

  2. Oh and one more thought… as a fellow mom of little ones I can relate to your feelings of discouragement and guilt. But you just shared the amazing love of God with others, and that’s a reason to rejoice! Love u!! : )

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