Understandably, I have been thinking a lot about babies these past few weeks. 

Mostly I think about soft skin and dimpled elbows, downy head nuzzled into my neck, sweet little newborn grunts.

Sometimes I think about nursing frustrations, sleepless nights, and loud cries. But then I remember the delight found in simply being still and watching a baby.

One thing about God that I always had trouble understanding was how God could love someone like me.

Someone who can give nothing in return for His love, someone who needs everything from Him, someone who takes and takes and often sends hateful, ungrateful thoughts towards Him in return for His love.

How could God still love with such a tender love? How could He love me enough to sing over me?

I never understood.

Until I had a baby of my own.

Suddenly, I found myself gazing into her eyes, my heart full of a tender love that almost frightened me in its intensity.

She could give nothing to me. Yet I loved her.

She needed me to do everything for her. Yet I loved her.

She took all that I had and gave me tears and sleepless nights in return. Yet I loved her.

I held her in my arms, loving her with a tenderness that only a parent can feel.

Right then I finally understood.

God loves us as a mother loves her baby. He has given everything to us when we can give nothing in return.

He loves us with such unconditional tenderness that we can know beyond doubt that no matter what, He will always love us.

art credit: Christ and Samaritan Woman by Siemiradzki

5 thoughts on “Tender

  1. That picture of her sad! Just stop it!!! How can anyone be productive when they see that. You have offended her mightily and she needs to be appeased right now! Too stinking cute!

  2. Love this!!! It is so true- what insight we get into the Father’s heart when we learn to love our own babies!

    Congrats.. and I hope the first trimester exhaustion goes awa soon!

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