An Announcement

God said “Yes”!!!
Will you join us in welcoming Baby #3 into our family?

And, as I am currently still experiencing the nausea and bone-weariness of the first trimester (although I really should be almost done with that), instead of posting something deep and thought-provoking, I will now take a nap.

Thank you for grace.  🙂

17 thoughts on “An Announcement

  1. Jumping up and down while clapping. Children are such a joy of God. I was only able to have one but I get so excited as other women fill their hearts and homes with little ones.

  2. super cute way to announce! Congrats!!!

    And as a friend told me once, it is OK to cut out what you can right now if you are tired, because (as she said,) “It’s hard work to grow a baby!”

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