Never! Said I

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I would never do that.
No, never! Said I.
Horrified, confident, righteous within.

Never? He said
with a gleam in his eye.
Perhaps, yes perhaps, and yet.


This little thing?
What about this small little thing?

Oh, that? That’s nothing.
Said I with a grin.

That surely won’t matter
in the vast scope of life.
So yes, I’ll do that and enjoy.


Well, what about this?
Just a teensy bit larger.
And the pleasure is much larger still

Oh, that? That’s still nothing.
Said I, standing tall

This too, doesn’t matter
it surely won’t hurt
those around me or go against God’s will.


Said he with the gleam
You’re so close, just look
at what could be savored and gained.

I turned ’round
and suddenly saw with despair
my righteousness lying quite stained.


I did it, yes did it.
How could I? Said I.
with shock and confusion within.

Your confidence blinded.
Said he with the gleam.
You trusted in self not in Him.


copyright 2012 by Elizabeth Giger

from the archives

2 thoughts on “Never! Said I

  1. Yes. I hate to admit that I can relate to this. It’s so hard to look back at some of my past regrets and poor choices. They did start out as little things, seemingly fun and harmless, but turned into big things that, as you said, did go against God’s will. And did matter in the vast scope of life. So thankful for His mercy and forgiveness!!

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