I Wrote a Book

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I wrote a book.
writing a book
That is surprisingly difficult to say in so public a forum. I haven’t told very many people, yet here I am telling the world.
It’s a frightening and vulnerable thing to offer up your words to a critical world. Yet I feel I must at least try.
I wrote a book that was hard to write and is hard to read, but it contains a message that is desperately needed in this world of ours.
This book of mine is the story of how my brother’s wife, Kristina, battled breast cancer and lost, and how God met our entire family in the middle of it all.  It is the story of pain and loss, of how to reconcile the heart of God to the reality of how dark this world can sometimes be.
I named it The Color of Hard.
The Color of Hard
I wrote a book and I need your help.
The thing about books and publishers these days is that publishers want you to have lots of people who love you and will therefore most likely purchase your book before they will even think about agreeing to publish said book.
Translation? Subscribers. Lots of subscribers.
Which is where I need your help.
If you haven’t already, will you subscribe to my emails? Will you follow me on Facebook and Twitter?
Will you share this with all of your friends and help me get the message out? I would be most grateful.
And I will give gifts!  To sweeten the deal (although I know you would help a girl out anyway), I am going to give something away each week for the next four weeks. You can enter via the contest form below.
In the coming weeks, I will tell you more about my book so that you can know what I’ve been working on for so long.
Last of all, thank you.

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11 thoughts on “I Wrote a Book

  1. Hi, friend! I’m so excited. I did the things… but I already have that book, so don’t enter me in the contest! Loves.

  2. So excited for you (if that’s the word for getting to publish a book full of heart-breaking sadness)! Also, excited for me to get to read something from one of my favorite writers.

  3. Congratulations Elizabeth! I am happy for your opportunity! I think your writing is absolutely beautiful, and I really admire you for using your gift to help others through heartache and pain. I know your book will touch lives, and help mend broken hearts. Your blog has been such an
    encouragement to me through the ups & downs of raising kids. I can’t wait to read your book! Love you!

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